CHLAMYDIA - When symptoms of chlamydia appear, people often suffer from abnormal vaginal discharge and vaginal bleeding, discharge from the tip of the penis and pain when peeing or during sex.

GONORRHEA- Most common symptoms include discharge from the vagina or penis and painful or difficult urination. In both men and women, gonorrhea can also infect the mouth, throat, eyes, and rectum and can spread to the blood and joints, where it can become a life-threatening illness.

GENITAL HERPES- Caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). Symptoms of HSV-1 usually appear as fever blisters or cold sores on the lips, but it can also infect the genital region through oral-genital or genital-genital contact. Symptoms of HSV-2 are typically painful, watery skin blisters on or around the genitals or anus.

GENITAL WARTS - Genital warts consist of fibrous overgrowths covered by a thickened, outer layer. They can appear around a man's scrotum, anus, and penis, or a woman's vulva, cervix, vagina, or anus. In appearance, genital warts are often flesh-colored or gray swellings. If several cluster together, they may resemble a cauliflower. Some may be too small to be seen by the naked eye.

  • HEPATITIS B- Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is a virus that is spread through blood and other bodily fluids.Symptoms affect some people for a short time, but others will develop chronic symptoms and complications that can be fatal. Many cases go unreported or remain undiagnosed until a person shows signs of end-state liver disease.
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