About us

Doctor Karon Medical Clinic was founded early this as the second healthcare institute of American-Thai International Medical Center Inc.  and standardized with the three clinic branches set in United States of America. Dr. Bangla International Clinic Phuket located in the heart of Patong City is our first branch in Thailand and it was highly functional for more than 12 years now. All healthcare institute are based with the latest research of treatment methods and applies them according to strict scientific criteria.

We will serve you with our qualified Doctors  who are  globally competitive with a high skilled practices and excellent English communications. Their licensed and professions are well assessed and approved by Thailand Board of Medicine and International Doctor’s Association of Thailand.

CALL CENTER-  We wants to make your call as comfortable as possible 24/7. If you have any further questions, please contact us on +6676-396-266 / +6664-402-2666 or via the contact page