Why and when you need blood work?

Blood work provides essential insight into how your organs are functioning.

Blood tests have multiple benefits, including:

  • Determining your risk status for disease and conditions
  • Checking treatment success
  • Early diagnosis of some conditions before symptoms or complications develop
  • Identifying treatment side effects
  • Monitoring chronic disease status and progression

How often should I have blood work?

It is common for the doctor to order blood tests from time to time. If you are unsure about the tests, talk to our expert physician and have them explain what the test is for and why you need it.

The reason to order a blood test will likely depend on several factors, including:

  • Age
  • Chronic conditions under evaluation or treatment
  • Family history
  • Health screenings
  • Lifestyle
  • Medical history
  • Specific concerns

An acute illness, unexpected change in chronic disease and new history or physical findings most commonly lead to unscheduled blood work.

How soon can I expect to receive results?

How quickly results are available depends on the specific test.

“Most routine tests come back within hours, although some more complicated tests, or infrequent tests, may take a day or two,”

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